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Cordyline australis - Severe frost damage???


By Ccarew

Ireland Ie

Hi, I have 5 Cordyline australis trees and with the frost and negative temperatures this winter the heads on each tree have all drooped. The trees are about 30 years old. Can anyone give advise on how I should care for them as I really do not want to loose them
Thanking you in advance

On plant Cordyline australis



There's not much you can do now - the damage is done. They may recover as the weather warms up, so don't give up on them yet. It's a watching brief I'm afraid.

1 Feb, 2010


I have the same problem. Should I cut the heads off or just leave them hanging?

22 Mar, 2010


If no sign of growth from the tops by beginning of May, Laura, you can cut them down to half their size to see if they shoot from the base or up the stem - assuming you've not decided they're dead by then.

22 Mar, 2010


I have three cordylines which have suffered from the frosts of the very severe winter. Yesterday I asked the advice of an authority on homoeopathic plant care. On his recommendation I have given a homoeopathic remedy called Carbo veg in the 6x potency. This remedy is possibly available OTC but if not then certainly from a homoeopathic pharmacy - Helios or Ainsworths. I would think approx £5.00. A pillule [pill] should be put into a jug of water and poured onto the soil around the base of the plant. I only this did this yesterday but the leaves have already 'lifted'. Now, I just have to wait... At very little cost it is worth trying.

ALSO for information: I often use the Bach flower 'Rescue Remedy' when any plant looks in need of some rescue i.e. when moved ... and the roots have been disturbed... google Bach flower remedies for more information.

8 May, 2010


Thanks for your response, I will get this remedy today and try it out. Fingers crossed it works because they are such a beautiful tree

11 May, 2010


hi Cherrypick, I have noted your advise on the Carbo Veg. How often do you use them, is it the tiny little tablets like a sweetex. Also how much water do you use, I am going to try and revive ours, it has gone yellow and green with a few dead leaves underneath. Anything worth a try


27 Apr, 2011


I had a beaut and returned from a month in Tenerife Jan 2011 to find it looking really dead-all of the tops had rotted-it was about 18 ft hight !!! We cust it down to trunk about 3-4 ft hight---amazingly i noticed this week that 7 Plant shoots have shot out about a foot from the ground----good luck -there is life after death for the

10 Jun, 2011

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