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I bought a Pachira aquatic plant a month ago and I water it according to the care tips given (water it once every week). But after one month bark seems to be swollen with water and the leaves have turned yellow and are dropping. It is now sitting at my south facing window. What should I do? Please help my Pachira!

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Pachira needs plenty of light but avoid direct sunlight during high summer because its leaves may get sunburned. A light sandy soil is best to give good drainage sitting on pebbles. Water 2-3 times a month. Do not let the pot sit on water and always empty excess water from the pot tray. Mist leaves once a week. Do you think you have over water it as it sounds like it, try changing the compost and reduce the watering. Also dont water for at least a week after you change the compost.

21 Jan, 2010


Thank you for your reply. How do I know if it is still alive? There are some white things growing around the swollen bark that have cracks on it. I have kids and dog in my apartment and I dont wish to use any harmful chemical on the pachira. Is there any natural homemade remedies that I can use? It looks very bare now as the yellow leaves are dropping and no new leaves growing. Should I move it further indoor from the south window? Please help because it looks very sad now.

23 Jan, 2010


Can you put a pic of it and the white growth so we can help more?

23 Jan, 2010


When I tried to repot the pachira today, I realized that the roots are all brown (only a few of them left) and the bottom is mushy soft, the bark is so soft that it break when I tried to touch it. Is there any hope for survival? It is now sitting on new soil in my balcony. I am unable to take the picture of the white growth because there are now gone when I repot the pachira in the new soil.

25 Jan, 2010

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