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Can you identify the plant in the attached photo? It is the only one of it's type we can find in the roadside verges on a three mile country walk.

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Is it a broad bean?

20 Jan, 2010


Yes, it is a broad bean or maybe a tick bean, though now it will be a has bean! This is not a current photograph in the UK, look at the surrounding vegetation!

20 Jan, 2010


What makes you say that Bulbaholic? I assumed it was last year?

20 Jan, 2010


I like that about a has been ,but you are wrong it could have been taken in emerdail they have had no snow or ice,

20 Jan, 2010


It looks so healthy, perhaps we should all grow our beans by the roadside, maybe it likes petrol fumers

20 Jan, 2010


You should have returned later to harvest the crop!

20 Jan, 2010


It looks really healthy!

21 Jan, 2010


Do you think an animal buried the bean because it is very dense to self seed?

21 Jan, 2010


Field beans which are a type of broad bean are grown as crops in lots of places, and also used as a green manure. I'd guess this is just one seed that got left behind or dropped after harvest.
I just wished mine looked that healthy! I have terrible trouble in growing them here as they rot if planted before winter, and in spring seem to develop some kind of fungal disease that turns all the foliage black.

21 Jan, 2010

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