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does anyone have an opinion on "budded" roses vs. own root roses?

On plant antique roses/centifolias & rosa damascena



Hi yes I have an opinion on the subject, influnced by what I read on I think that when you read it you will have the same opinion, budded roses are a no no.

18 Jan, 2010


This page is unavailable it says. May I ask whay you say budded roses are a no no? Not going to argue, just intrigued! Unless its going to take to long to explain that is!

18 Jan, 2010


thanks for the info on the own root roses. as i found positive info on them at heirloom nurseries in oregon.
they appear to be hardier from the start and possibly even 5 years later.
appreciate the feedback.

18 Jan, 2010


Nicky' you have every right to ask,the only time I argue is when some one who was not born untill twenty years after I got my first garden trys to teach me my own specalty.this is from a rose nursery in the usa, I am going to be breaf and just point out a few of their points, its late and I am tired, so let's call the grafted/budded rose no 1 and the own root no2 1 get suckers no2 don't, no1is grafted on to one year old field roses which are puled out of the ground by merchine then they are washed grafted and kept in cold storage until shipment no1 only grows true to what they are surposed to be until they mature,there is a lot more, about dieing in cold storage ,prone to deseas ect, you must try agine to get the page up it is very interesting, cheers.

18 Jan, 2010

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