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i have started to put coffee dregs in my compost bin now all the worms seem to have dissapeared .is it the coffee or the cold weather,thankyou.jan



Well Guest, coffee dregs are hated by slugs and snails because they can't slide over them, so I would guess it is the same for worms, so I would stop it quick, and hope they are just dug in deep away from the dregs, and not dead. I doubt they would be killed off.

12 Jan, 2010


Have you provided a source of fiber for the worms and are you keeping the bin well-ventilated? I wouldnt worry though, I hardly see them in mine and end up with lovely compost. I put tea leaves and coffee grounds in mine.

12 Jan, 2010


I do too, with no problems. I suspect that the worms have gone a bit deeper to try not to freeze, poor things!

12 Jan, 2010


i agree with spritz etc it mite be worth laying a thin layer of newspaper down to give the worms a bit of protection and just let it break down but not to often .the worms you get in a compost bin are brandlings .they are a lot smaller and have a red hew when adult and are white when young.they basicly feed between the compost and the new compost you put in.its quite warm there to .the worms or lob worms in your garden are a lot bigger and realy are just a long tube that eats soil one end and deposits the remnants the other .these are good because what they do is airate your lawn and add there own compost.

12 Jan, 2010


how do your worms like their coffie NP, mine like it black with three sugars, they must do because thats how I drink it ,and I have had no conplaint's

12 Jan, 2010


when I realised that slugs and snails have an aversion to coffee, I too wondered about worms as I never saw them in my coffee- included compost bin. Since I started putting coffee directly on the garden, my bins are a mass of worms. Coincidence? Maybe, but I won't change my way with coffee dregs.

12 Jan, 2010


Unless you are putting a huge quantity of coffee grounds in your compost it should have no effect on the worms. Far more likely as others have said is the worms are hibernating in the cold. Slugs and snails don't like having to move over coffee grounds as they are gritty and stick to them. Neitehr they nor worms will actually eat them.

12 Jan, 2010


I put the coffee grounds on the roses. My daughter told me to do that, I'm not sure why I believed her, she doesn't even have a garden.

12 Jan, 2010


mine just move a lot quicker cliffo so i mite have to use decaff lol .that could be the key lol

13 Jan, 2010


i say dont mend anything that isnt broken .if the jobs being done ie good compost then you dont have to see whats making it .when you open a can of baked beans you dont go to hienz and see whos putting them in there lol . worms bye nature arnt going to put thereselves up on offer as they are yummy for just about everything and full of protien and defencless . they come out ( lob worms that is) to mate on your lawn when its raining but thats about it .did you know a type of worm is the longest living thing on the planet.longer even than a blue wale . im full of usless information lol take care bye for now.

13 Jan, 2010

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