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can you sow grass seed in march

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

when is the best time to sow grass seed after december



yes provided all the snow is gone :o)

Seriously though, yes as long as the soil isnt frozen you should be ok. rememebr to sow more seed than you need as the birds wil eat quite a bit of it.

welcome to GoY.

8 Jan, 2010


hi. thanks for advice. new to all this slower than a snail on keyboard.

8 Jan, 2010


Welcome to GOY lazydays. You can buy different types of grass seed depending on the use, such as hard wearing and shade.

9 Jan, 2010


ooh good point drc726.

dont worry lazydays, my computer cant spell either :o)

9 Jan, 2010


Covering the seed with chicken wire if you are able to helps a lot!

9 Jan, 2010


Thats answered my question as well because ive got some grass seed to sow in the spring.

9 Jan, 2010

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