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Chile Cl

if you prune it,will it come back?

On plant Lagurus ovatus



All according what you pruning???

9 Jan, 2010


Oppp's sorry didn't see the name of the plant LOL Silly Me Jackie x

9 Jan, 2010


Lagurus ovatus being a grass if you it down it will grow again I should think also you could collect the seed heads and grow some more plants too.
What do the rest of the members think??? Jackie x

9 Jan, 2010


Normally, with a grass that's not evergreen, it's good practice to leave the clump until early spring and then cut it down to ground level to enable the new shoots to emerge. This one seems not to be reliably hardy, so it may not survive our hard winter in the UK.

However, I see that you are in Chile - I don't know what your temperatures are like there. This grass also self-seeds, so you might find little plants to pot up if all the seeds have already dispersed.

9 Jan, 2010


Largarus ovatus is annual in england but as Spritz says it may not be in Chile!

10 Jan, 2010

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