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Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

why do worms come up to the top of my compost bin looking desperate? What do they want?



The first reason that comes to mind is that the bin compost is too wet and that the worms are drowning.
Is the bin covered. If it is open the lower sections of the bin could still be frozen solid and the top section filled with snow melt.
Maybe the contents have gone putrid and sour?
These are just a few suggestions, Guest.
On a lighter note, just what does a desparate worm look like ;-).

8 Jan, 2010


I had to click on this question - I was trying to imagine a desperate worm... I agree with Bulbaholic, but would add its probably the extreme and protracted cold causing the problem - they're looking for an escape route because they probably can't burrow deep enough to get away from the cold. Check the bottom of the compost to see if its frozen.

8 Jan, 2010


It could also be that the bottom of the bin is lacking in oxygen and worms like many creatures do need oxygen. If the bin is not frozen then try turning the contents out and re-placing them in the bin.

9 Jan, 2010


lol mr MB i was chuckling imagining a desperate worm haahha, sorry guest just tickled me

9 Jan, 2010

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