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i bought a plant .i would like know what i have to do.Watering,sun light etc. Thank You BOB



Hi Bob, at least give us a clue with the name of it please!, don't just say a plant, it's like someone asking you what your favourite food is and you replying "edible". :-)

4 Jan, 2010


going from the later description it sounds like it is a ponsettia. if you are having it as a houseplant then keep it draught free, in good light and water from the bottom. we tend to treat them as annuals as they are a bit fiddly to get to go red next year.

4 Jan, 2010


Hi Sbg, isn't the Poinsettia question from someone in this country though? Unless I'm confusing this with another one?

4 Jan, 2010


Aha, you are of course correct Sbg, I was mistaking a different question :-)

Happy New Year by the way.

4 Jan, 2010


and to you too :o)

4 Jan, 2010


Without knowing which plant you have bought? I would put it on a windowsill out of the sun, give a little water once a week ! dont let it stand in water, and see if you can find out what it is and then we can give you better information Bob.

4 Jan, 2010


Hello Bob!
What a great, challenging question for the New Year. Where did you buy your plant, does it have a name label - in English or Latin, anything at all, and can you either put a photo of it on this site - maybe on your homepage? or otherwise describe it to us. Does it look healthy?
I'd be fascinated to hear what made you buy it?

Best wishes,

5 Jan, 2010

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