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We have several two foot tall bay trees which we planted last summer in a raised bank bewteen conifers. The leaves are all browning at the edges. What should we do?



My instant thought is that the conifers have taken all the goodness out of the soil. When you planted the bay trees did you excavate a large hole for each of them and fill it with good compost? Are the bay trees getting enough light and water?

2 Jan, 2010


Aswell as Moon growers information, are they getting windburnt ?
A combination of the whole lot would make them suffer badly to the point of death.

2 Jan, 2010


Good point Louise

2 Jan, 2010


why did I not get any flowers on my amyrillis this year .
Last year I had a loely displaay .the bulbs have shown plenty of leaves but no flowers .
Thank You
Red ted

2 Jan, 2010


Redted you need to start your own question not hijack the question of someone else, equally you are unlikely to get answers for your question under Rongrants query. Click 'Ask A Question' top right of the page and ask - then delete your question here and once you've done that I'll delete my reply.

2 Jan, 2010

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