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By Mitzi

Northern Territory, Australia Au

We have about 40 fifteen year old weeping rosewood trees lining our driveway but within the past month 5 trees have died or are in the process of dying and are dropping all of their leaves. As this now is the start of our tropical wet season in Darwin, Northern Territory it cannot be due to lack of water. Could it be fungal, how do I tell if it is, how do you treat it before we loose more trees & would the dead trees need to be cut down & removed.



I can't tell you if it is fungal or not or how to treat, hopefully others can, but you do need to cut down and remove the dead trees if only for safety reasons.

2 Jan, 2010


What rootstock are they on, Briar or Rigosa. 15 years is about the time when we get dieback/rosetired. You may have some success with Epson salts, but the dying ones as M G says should be dug out and burnt.

2 Jan, 2010

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