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can jasmin polyanthum live in the house

On plant Jasminum polyanthum



This is an outdoor plant and will not survive well indoors.

1 Jan, 2010


I was bought one as a houseplant a few years ago, it grew very vigorously around a circular frame, I lost it when I planted it outside! but I have seen one near me growing vigorously maybe it is a different species.

2 Jan, 2010


I have been given several as 'indoor' plants none of them has survived more than a year... this is when I checked and discovered they were meant to grow outdoors... I gave up at that point as thy would not survive in our garden (nor look right to be honest)

2 Jan, 2010


they can be grown indoors but need a pretty cool spot, an unheated conservatory would be ideal, they will not last long if kept in your average warm living room or kitchen

5 Jan, 2010

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