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how to prune a sambucus and when ?



You can trim them gently to shape in the spring, but risk losing the flowers - or wait until they've flowered and do it then.

1 Jan, 2010


I do the latter, the flowers are too lovely to forfeit by doing it early.

1 Jan, 2010


Yes, I agree - but if it's getting out of shape or outgrowing its space, it's a possibility.

1 Jan, 2010


The label on my sambucus 'black Lace' says to prune to desired size in winter. I only bought it last summer so it isn't big enough to need pruning. It also says that if there is another variety of sambucus nearby eg in a neighbouring garden, the plant will produce attractive berries for the birds. If you cut it after flowering you will lose the berries. I have now bought a sambucus 'Black Beauty' and the label on that says it can be pruned to the ground in winter if necessary, but otherwise just cut out the dead wood.

1 Jan, 2010


There isn't another Sambucus near me yet i get berries every year but yes, you'll lose the berries if you prune after flowering.
I know of a lot of people who prune their Sambucus to the ground each year. They make huge amounts of growth in a year .... easily 6' so pruning won't hamper it's growth, quite the reverse !
I have Black Lace which i love.

2 Jan, 2010


That's encoureaging Louise as I didn't really have room for 2 but as they can be pruned hard I'll see how it goes!

2 Jan, 2010

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