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Dianthus deltoides: Has anyone any advice about germination rates, speed of growth, growing condrions and particular pests and diseases

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I don't know that you will find any great difficulty with these Anne.
Sow the seed in a pot of seed compost early in the year and leave it outside. Some seed may germinate the first year but year 2 is more likely. Let them start growing and prick off into individual pots of John Innes compost.
When they get to a reasonable size plant out into a gritty soil in the sun. I would not feed them once they are planted out or they will gbrow rampant and straggley. I don't know that they have any particular problem with pests and diseases.

18 Dec, 2009


I have had these for a while and they have been pest free really. one year they had greenfly but other that they are very good doers.

18 Dec, 2009


Germination can take place within 24 hours of sowing I have found, even when sown on filter paper in a petrie dish in the 'fridge. D.d Flashing Lights does not always come true from self saved seeds, but the variations one gets are all lovely.

18 Dec, 2009


Once you have one . Division is easy, if you sink one you like so that the stems can root that will let you save a chosen best plant for the future.

19 Dec, 2009

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