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what is the best manure for buxus hedge when planting from pots

On plant Buxus



Hello I would say any well rotted manure would be ok.

6 Dec, 2009



6 Dec, 2009


The best fertilizers for subjects like box in the UK would be Blood, Fish and Bone. Too much nitrogen will only produce longtop growth. Take care when planting and have well drained soil. Do not plant too close.

6 Dec, 2009


Are you saying that well rotted manure is not good Bob? I have lots of Box and anything I have ever read says well rotted manure (as well as fertilizer) which is what I have used.

6 Dec, 2009


The well rotted manure is best for fast growing plants and on large areas i.e. veg. plots, spread on the top to manure/fertilise the earth. Often shrubs are grown to look good in plastic tunnels, we all like to buy large plants. If the balance of your soil is high in nitrogen it promotes soft growth. Blood, Fish and Bone is organic and covers the main elements for slower growth which will remain healthier.

6 Dec, 2009

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