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Hi I have had a couple of these succulents for a good few years. They love to go into the garden in the summer. But I have never really known what to do with them in the winter. They have to go into the garage and it is not too warm in there,so this year I have put a portable plastic greenhouse in there and put the plants in to that. But do I water them?? I also have a neighbour who has a forest of these things and they are HUGE with about 8 to 10inch trunks,how does she do it,she doesn't want to share the secret with me,perhaps someone out there knows.Look forward to some help. Thanks

On plant Aeonium arboreum



It might be putting them in the shed that keeps them from growing large, because of the lack of daylight - even a shed with a window isn't very bright in winter. Placed in a frost free greenhouse for winter, they would continue to get a lot of light (whenever its available, that is!). You could try keeping one in the house as a houseplant and then moving it outside in the summer months.

4 Dec, 2009


The more tender plants often survive winter better (protected in a frost free place of course) if they are kept on the dry side. Damp is a worse enemy than cold in UK gardening.

4 Dec, 2009


I keep several of these. Just before the frost is likely I dig them up and stick several small ones together in a large pot and pot the bigger ones individually, then find a well lit but frost free , but cool place to keep them with minimum watering. some of the lower leaves fall but I dont want them to grow in Winter as they lose their colour . wait for Spring time to start new foliage which in a sunny place gets that purple shading even on the green ones. Planted in the ground and fed with Growmore they will make green giants.

4 Dec, 2009

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