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I planted a 'Roseraie De L'Hay' bush in July 09 - there were only 3 flowers and the stems have elongated, leaves turned yellow, and it looks pretty sickly. it is not receiving full sun as there are large trees/bushes nearby which are not in my control. do I need to move it?

On plant Rosa rugosa



If the leaves have turned yellow now, then it's quite normal. They should turns a nice golden yellow just before dropping. This variety is a form of Rosa rugosa and as such is pretty amenable to a wide range of situations. I would leave alone until next year. I think you are expecting too much too soon from it. Once established, two years after planting, it will reward you with the flowers.

19 Nov, 2009


I agree wtih Fractal. Give it a good feed in spring to help it establish

19 Nov, 2009

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