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On plant Euonymus



That sounds just like a test paper/examination question !!!

18 Nov, 2009


in brief any aspect , leaf ,flower, stem, bark, their shape/ colour etc.

18 Nov, 2009


Even in some cases the roots!
For example to identify Draba you need to see, the roots, the leaves, the flower (plus stalk if any) plus the seed. In other words kill the plant since to see the roots you have to dig it up! AND you have to observe the plant in growth since you do not get flower buds and seeds at the same time, normally.

18 Nov, 2009


like potatos or pine cones or palm leaves and coconuts.i dont know any latin names apart from orcus orca the killer wale and seraslum natari the red bellied piranha . as you can tell i cant even spell lol but you get the picture.both of which are nothing at all to do with plants lol.did you know killers wales and wolves have never been known or recorded unprevoked to attack humans yet wolves were persecuted for that very reasen.

18 Nov, 2009


Nosey, I would love to visit your garden , but do I bring my waders or a gun '' lol

18 Nov, 2009


bothe maybe cliffo lol

18 Nov, 2009


Def. an exam question... Guest if it is then at least say so...

18 Nov, 2009



19 Nov, 2009


CLose-ups of the leaves...

19 Nov, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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