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my friend found one of these in a skip! could you give me some advice on care as i have adopted it ,.

On plant Pachira aquatica



this is also called malabar chestnut' and the money tree,there is a story but first somthing about the plant'it is native to central to south america, it grows in the wet lands it grows to18m (59.1ft )it is grown mainly for it's edible nuts ,you can also eat the flowers which are yellow' the nut's tast like pea nuts'there is a storie of how it came to be known as the money tree'' if you are siting confie I will begin a poor man prayed for money, and found this odd plant 'and took it home as an omen' and made a lot of money selling the plants he grew from the seeds' so your frend might be in luck,

10 Nov, 2009

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