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Wanting a present for my friend ' Diane'. Read that the larix kaempferi is also called 'Diane.Is this true and where can I buy one?

On plant Larix kaempferi



There are several on-line suppliers if you just google the name. One supplier would be Binny Plants in Scotland.

8 Nov, 2009


I can't find it listed in my RHS book as 'Diane'. However, if you go to the RHS site, and the Plantfinder, type in 'Diane' and you will get a list of plants with that name. Good luck!

8 Nov, 2009


There is a really good Witch Hazel, Hammamaelis mollis called Diane and easily available too.

8 Nov, 2009


So there is, Ob. It's orangey-red, isn't it?

8 Nov, 2009


Personally, I like the yellow-flowered ones better because they show up in the garden from a distance but if you were to plant this against a blue conifer, it would stand out well

8 Nov, 2009


There is also a Hybrid Tea rose called Diane. Lovely apricot/yellow blend.

9 Nov, 2009

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