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How to prune a mulberry tree?

surrey, United Kingdom Gb

A garden I work in has mulberry trees trained as a canopy - can anyone enlighten me as to how and when to prune? I trimmed a little n the summer as it was going mad but I believe it needs doing again late winter?



My books say to avoid pruning, but if you must, do it between early and late winter, to prevent sap bleeding.

27 Oct, 2009


I thought they started as a bush, and eventule grew in to a tree, I say this because a frend of mine worked in a prison in yorkshire and he said that the aridganal bush now a tree is in the prison and it is famous because the song hear we go round the mulberry bush on a cold and frosty morning,was written by wemen prisoners as they walked around it in there exersize yard, they were discribing the rules layed down for them,

27 Oct, 2009


I'd heard that cliffo but there are very similar folk songs going back even further 16th century that has it round the bramble bush. there is even a similar one from sweden or denmark.

so perhaps the women of wakefield prison used to keep their children happy. I think it was a debtors prison at the time rather than for 'hardened' criminals.

but why mulberry bush when it is a tree i have no idea.

28 Oct, 2009


yes SBG it was wakefield my frend was talking about' but he said the wemen were conplaining that they were being treated like children, and being institutionalize (had to look that one up ) so it realy dose not sound a debtors prison but I have nothing concreat, a hobby of mine is colecting, rimes like ring a ring roses and things like were did the word threshold come from , I must write a blog some of the things are realy intresting, and you dont know I may get more from you good people

28 Oct, 2009


yes but dont forget it has to be gardening related or it will be 'deleted'.

28 Oct, 2009


I saw my first ever Mulberry tree in a small side street in Norwich. My attention was drawn to it by the mass of red juicy stains on the pavement beneath it as it hung over the wall of an Old Folkes' Home. I reached up and sampled some fruit and it was delicious - could have stood there all day. The size of the leaves was amazing, almost like dinner plates. I believe they don't fruit until they are quite old. Is there something mystical about them? I feel there may be.

28 Oct, 2009


Thank you for your help.... the reason I have to prune it is to keep it over the canopy - it's almost like it's been espaliered but over your head... if you can imagine.... perhaps a photo would help.....??

29 Oct, 2009


I prune mine each year .. the branches simply get too long and drag on the floor if I don't cut them back. I gave it a radical prune last year and got a bumper crop of mulberrys this year.

30 Oct, 2009


Thanks Njarratt - when did you prune it and how far back did you go?

3 Nov, 2009


Sorry only just seen this. I basically just chopped the canopy back to above eye level, so that I wouldn't risk hurting myself when I walk past or under it. I did the same last year and as I said, got a bumper crop. I pruned it in Sept/October.

15 Jan, 2010

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