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Caloscordum neriniflorum from seed?

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone tried this? Since it comes from the Pamirs am I right in thinking it needs a period of cold?

On plant Caloscordum neriniflorum



I don't grow it, Owdboggy, but as it is an Allium relation ( I had to look that up) it should be OK. The RHS encyclopedia says sow in spring so that suggests that it doesn't need a period of cold. However, f I had the seed I would be sowing it now.

27 Oct, 2009


Actually I found another set which I had collected at another time so I have some sowed and some to do in Spring. I looked them up too, but I wondered if you had acually tried them. Could always ask Keith Lever I suppose, but it seems a bit cheeky to ask the supplier how to grow more of them rather than just buying some.

27 Oct, 2009


Hey, Owdboggy, if you know Keith then don't be frightened to ask his advice. He will be delighted to help someone who is trying to propogate on one of his plants.
You live near to Aberconway? I would love to visit the nursery, in a way I am glad that they don't do mail order - break the bank!

27 Oct, 2009


We know Keith well. The Nursery is about a 2 hour deive from us, but on the way back from Bodnant Gardens so we go fairly often. In our opinion the nursery is the epitome of what a nursery should be.

28 Oct, 2009

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