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what is the course of yellowing leafs

tyne and wear, United Kingdom Gb

i have four chinese golden dragon trees they are in a light shaded room, i water them with bio once a week, i also have had the heating on and off so sometimes the room can be cold and other times really warm, the plants look like they are growing and healthy but the leafs are going yellow please can you tell me why and what is the best way to cut these yellow leafs off thankyou

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before cutting them off give the plant a feed, something like babybio will help, yellowing leaves often means lack of food.
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25 Oct, 2009


Check for watering weekly... allowing the soil to dry to the touch about 1/3 down the pot. Push a bbq skewer down to the roots, leave it there for 5 minutes. pull it out and if its dry water your plant. If its damp/wet don't water your plant. Yellowing leaves can be an indication of over watering, under watering or simply just normal leaf drop.. Under watered plants will shed a large amount of totally yellow leaves from the lower portion of the head, whereas a plant that has been over-watered, the leaf will yellow from the tip towards the stem. Feed only once a year... the Dracaena family does not like to be fertilized.
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25 Oct, 2009


Make sure you water regularly but don't let it stand in water you also need to mist the leaves. If the temperature fluctuates seriously then this can cause problems. Welcome to GoY from me too Bubblelicious.

25 Oct, 2009

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