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Why is my Leycesteria Formosa looking poorly?


By Jillf

United States Us

Whole stems of my Leycesteria Formosa are turning brown and it isn't looking too good. It is in a shady spot sheltered from winds by a pergola and clematis. Could this be due to the dry weather we have had. Is it safe to cut back now or should I waiy until spring? Any advice on it's care would be welcome - other peoples don't seem to look like mine!

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First, if yours doesn't look like other people's, are you certain its Leycesteria? If you are, Leycesteria does much better in full sun and you say yours is in shade. Drought may also be an issue, as its been so dry lately. any chance you could move it to a spot that gets more sun?

25 Oct, 2009


I used to have this plant - it did that as well, and I cut out the dead stems in the spring.

As Bamboo says, they do prefer a sunny position, or only a little shade - but do need shelter from wind as well.

25 Oct, 2009

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