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Pear leaves being got at


By Dorjac

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

There is a warty growth on the back of some of the pear tree leaves. There is an orange/red stain that goes with. It seems to start quite late in the season




I could be wrong but my guess is pear leaf blister mite' there should have been pale green or pink blotches on the leaves in May if I am right, they later turn brown or black, this is regarded as not serious' but there is no chemical control's for the amateur, we could do with a second opion on this.because I am telling you not to worrie about it and I could be wrong,

24 Oct, 2009


Thank you Cliffo It's not on all of them. The one with the most pears has the most of this attack on the leaves. so maybe not to worry too much. I think I will nip off as many affected leaves as I can and chuck em in the bin.

24 Oct, 2009


This is pear leaf gall caused by a fungus. I had to id one of the very same recently at work for a customer.

Interestingly, their must be a Juniperus sabinae nearby for it to complete it's life cycle.

More info here.

24 Oct, 2009


thanks Fractal I myself learn a lot on this site, I would like very much to know if there is a juniperus sabina or buffalo juniper in the vinercinity because after looking at that site I must agree with you.

25 Oct, 2009

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