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bridal-white spirea shrub

Grand Traverse, MI, United States Us

I want to purchase a few Bridal-White Spirea shrubs and have them grow in the woods in full shdae. How well will the bloom? The experts insist they bloom in full shade but I just cannot take the risk of all the money and time spent on these bushes if they will only sparsely bloom. Will they bloom decently enough in full shade?



I grew one of these for many years in part shade. Do you have any parts of your woodland where they will get sun for a few hours each day? They should perform quite happily in these spots

16 Oct, 2009


I don't know which experts you've heard that from, but I wouldn't agree. Spirea prefers full sun, but will do quite well in part shade part sun, or dappled shade. I doubt very much this one would flower well in permanent, dark shade. If though, the woods are comprised of broadleaved trees, then not only will dappled shade will be available,but the plant will have full daylight for a full five or six months, so it should do okay.

16 Oct, 2009


are you supposed to put ferrel plants in our woods ?

16 Oct, 2009

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