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I live in Pennsylvania and we are to have our first frost tonight..any care tips for the plants?

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Should I cut back the braches or leave them as they are??

On plant Gaura lindheimeri



Hi' cut nothing, to answer your question go to page 4 13th question on the page ,asked by Jonathanhales, you should get all the information you need.

13 Oct, 2009


These plants are supposed to be hardy - I've never yet managed to get one through a winter here in London. I know that here, they're shortlived perennials, but my experience has been that "shortlived" equates to "one season only".
Don't cut, as Cliffo says - I'd be interested to hear if it survives your winter.

13 Oct, 2009


Bamboo in this country we are noted for a damp clymet' and I belive that the damp cold 'dose a lot of damage, I know it dose to me, may be Pennsylvania has a dry cold,

13 Oct, 2009


Maybe that's why Cliffo, but i'd like to know if it survives over there. Know what you mean about the damp not being good for humans either - aggravates arthritis I think.

13 Oct, 2009

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