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Setting the scene: I have a 3ft front boundary wall with 5 conifers trees infront of the wall. The roots have pushed the block paving up and is starting to move the wall. (i will be pulling out the conifers to replace the 'solution')
Solution : I am looking for a low water content hedge, evergreen (does not lose leaves), fast growing and small roots; from my little research i have found out that Privet, Cherry laurel, Griselina are my best bet. As you can see from the photo i have attached I need a hedge that will grow to approx 2 - 2.5m high and not disturb the boundry wall or the new concrete driveway we will be installing. Any help would be much appreciated. Merry christmas

On plant Cherry Laurel, Grielina, Privet




I don't think Laurel would be suitable, as they can very quickly get out of hand, plus they have quite a large root, and the branches become like tree branches.
Privet have quite a large root system, but tend to go deep instead of outwards, so they are a possibility.
Griselinia, qalthough a nice looking shrub, is not very hardy, only down to about -5 deg c, {G littoralis to -12}
so depending on where you are, may not be suitable, Derek.

4 Dec, 2012


Berberis comes to mind.

4 Dec, 2012


Or one of the evergreen Lonicera, such as L. nitida. There are different forms of it. Can be closely clipped to keep at the desired height and width. Or Euonymus japonica, again lots of forms.

4 Dec, 2012


escalonia is aso good and has pretty flowers too.

9 Dec, 2012

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