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homemade pond


By Peeps

wales, United Kingdom Gb

I have a shallowish but wide earthen wear plant pot I have filled it with water and its fine. can I still put fish or water plants in it?



certainly a pygmy waterlily will be fine. there are other dwarf plants that are suitable too. acorus is a variegated foliage plant.
you may find it is too shallow for fish as it may freeze up in winter and you run the risk of them 'jumping' out if it is too shallow.

5 Oct, 2009


Not really - you'd need water to be running gently for aeration, or a pump - water in a pot like that will get stagnant, no good for fish.

5 Oct, 2009


and running water would stop it freezing.there are types of yellow minnows that come on the marketthat you could keep,be carefull what plants you do get as some are very vigerous and will fill the pot and break it in know time

6 Oct, 2009


Unless it is glazed in winter you run the risk of the water freezing and cracking the pot. Really not fair to put any fish into such a tiny container and feeding them would be a challenge.

6 Oct, 2009


thanx for help will buy a solar water areator but will not put fish in my dog is too nosey!! x

6 Oct, 2009


we didnt here how big the container actualy was bearing in mind the size of gold fish bowls

6 Oct, 2009


thanx for the help.x

6 Oct, 2009


more of a large puddle. think i will see how it fairs through the winter first.x

6 Oct, 2009


fish get there oxigen vier the amount of surface area.the depth has no effect on can keep as many fish in a pond 18" deep bye 12` x 12` as you can in one 12` x 12` x 12` .its to do with the oxygen and it only comes in through the surface tension.all air bubbles in a tank do is cause waves which in turn make the surface area bigger.

6 Oct, 2009


nature is a marvelus thing fish will grow acording to the room they have so yours will have to start small and they will stay small, as for oxegin by puting plants in you cut down the serfus arear there by cuting down the oxegin unless you use oxegin making plants and they will fill your pot in no time , forget the fish.

6 Oct, 2009


i think maybe forget the fish for what its worth

6 Oct, 2009

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