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Why are my Camillas leaves curling & dropping off?

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Both my Camillias have been planted in large pots, however although the leaves are a lovely deep green & the plant has alot of buds the leaves are curling I then decided to move one into the garden & it is now dropping all of its leaves. Please help I do not want to lose them.



I don't know where you live in the UK - if its anywhere south or east of the country, then its probably drought, if you've not been watering efficiently and often enough. Is that possible?
Plus, when you moved the Camellia from the pot into the garden, did you tease apart the rootball, or just plant it as it was?

5 Oct, 2009


maybe the soil isnt right, ive read they like ericinous soil (sorry cant spell it) maybe it needs more of that

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5 Oct, 2009

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