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Why did my strawberries produce 4 at the beginning of the seasons and since then - NOTHING?

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

They live in tall, 50cms high, strawberry growing tubs, with plants coming out of the sides. I fed them (not enogh may be?), they get loads of sun, and they did not dry out, they've got plenty healthy green leaves, and I took all the runners off, so what was their problem? Waste of effort and space if you ask me............. nothing like the sumptuous.laden pictures you get on the packet!
Thanks for your help as always. Anne



My suspicion would be lack of water. In a small container they will dry out far more rapidly than you think. I assume these were plants you bought not seeds...

5 Oct, 2009


Mmmmmmmm, lack of water? I suppose it's poss, even though I tried to keep them moist.......... They were plants given to me by a friend whose plants were going great guns - she just gave me some of hers.
I think it was the children who were most dissapointed, every time they went to look for some and couldn't find any.
Mind you, the children have really had a good summer and enjoyed planting and now digging up and eating their own produce - tomatoes, beans and spuds.
All good stuff!
Thanks for your help

8 Oct, 2009


Try again next year but grow them in the ground! Also when did your friend give you the plants? How old were they?

8 Oct, 2009


I don't really know - she had a whole bed of them, all growing beautifully, with loads of flowers on them. This was about May time earlier this year.
Space is a big issue in my teeny weeny garden, hence the pot things. One of these days we'll move which will give me a bigger garden and I will indeed try again.
Thanks for your encouragement. Anne

8 Oct, 2009


There's your answer... if the plants were lifted when they were in flower it is no wonder you didn't get any berries! Leave them in the strawberry planter and water well next summer.

8 Oct, 2009

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