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Will they be okay in pots? or do they grow better in the garden itself.



Hi iv Kept Heathers in Pots in the Past & theyv done great But u must make sure u give`m the Correct Soil as some Like Ericaceous Soil where others dont ! Good Luck :)

29 Sep, 2009


Small heathers can very happily be planted in pots or containers - most of them tend to get rather big an lanky if you don't keep them cut back though. We've done both but tend to plant in the ground.

Jacque it is my understanding that all heathers require an ericaceous compost. They hate lime with a vengeance which you will find in any non-ericaceous compost.

29 Sep, 2009


Thanx MoonG i didnt know that :)

29 Sep, 2009


Heathers have a shallow, spreading root system and so would prefer to be in the open ground. This does not mean that you cannot try growing them in pots.

29 Sep, 2009


All the winter and spring flowering heathers are lime tolerant eg, Erica carnea, Erica x darleyensis, Erica erigena, even the summer flowering Erica vagans is ok in neutral soil.

29 Sep, 2009


Yup they will cope in neutral soil but not in alkaline soil, and are still happier in acidic soil :-)

29 Sep, 2009


Sorry Moon grower, with all due respect , the winter heaths Erica carnea, Erica darleyensis, and the spring flowering Erica erigina will definitely all grow on alkaline soils :0)

30 Sep, 2009


Okay Bluespruce

30 Sep, 2009


Thanks every one for advice.I will move the two from the tubs Bulbaholic and put them with the others straight in to the ground .

30 Sep, 2009

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