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Why is my mountain fire losing its leaves?


By Lucye

United Kingdom Gb

My mountain fire was planted last autumn. It produced lots of new red leaves this year but over the summer a lot of them have turned brown and dropped off. It's only the new growth that's affected. It's planted right next to the decking in partial shade. In a corner of the west facing end of a small garden (terrraced house). Haven't had any fowers.

On plant Pieris japonica




It is certainly looking very sad and sorry... what soil do you have it planted in? Being part of the Ericaceae family Pieris need an acid or neutral soil and much prefer sandy loam to clay. Have you been watering it this year?

28 Sep, 2009


It does look very sorry for itself but looked great earlier in the year. I have been watering it regularly but it could be the soil. My garden is more clay really. I am an absolute beginner though - is there anything I can do to help it? or is it a lost cause?

2 Oct, 2009


Sorry been away just back... If the pieris is planted in a clay soil it is never going to be really happy. I'd suggest digging up and replanting having created a very large hole. Fill bottom with small stones/large gravel, then part fill the hole with an ericaceous compost and, if you have it, some leaf mould, then replant the pieris in this filling in with more compost and topping off with composted bark. Make sure the roots are loose enough that they will get into the compost. Water well and wait and see.

5 Oct, 2009

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