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my orchid still in flower with I think a new bud has developed a clear liquid (almost as if it is bleeding)


By Aunt

United Kingdom Gb

Had since may2009 kept in lounge away from direct sunlight kept as dry as possible



You do not say what kind of orchid it is. assuming it is one from a supermarket I suggest that you do as I have done.
Take the clear pot out of the pot that it was sold to you in. The roots of these orchids need light to get to the roots. Mine sit on the windowsill in full sunlight. I feed once every three months with orchid fertiliser. I water them when I remember. They are have been flowering continuously since I bought them. (They were reduced in price because they like yours were oozing a sticky liquid.)
If they are orchids from a garden centre they may need a more specilised treatment, and I'm sorry but I can't advise you on those.
Happy gardening

28 Sep, 2009


The droplets are called 'guttation' and are nothing to worry about, check it out on Wikipedia.

28 Sep, 2009


Sorry Cestvalere there is no reason at all to remove the clear plant pot from the cache pot. The roots do not need light and the plant does not want to sit in full sun. As Volunteer has said this is normal, a couple of mine phalaenopsis do this at times.

28 Sep, 2009

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