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bizzie lizzy seeds

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I have been collecting my bizzie lizzie seeds so i can grow my own next year for the first time. My neighbour spotted me doing this and said he didnt bother as these seeds need to be frozen or they wont germinate, as this simulates the frosts ect, sounds strange to me, but im asking this question to see if i can get some advice



Hia Tomo welcome to GOY Iv'e never heard of that one before I always collect my own seed , and have a good sucess rate. good luck.

14 Sep, 2009


Hi Tomo i had 2 do the same with some Seeds in the Past but i cant remember which Flowers/Plants they were?

14 Sep, 2009


if they are F1 hybrids they won't come true,as to chiiling seed some seed need a period of cold eg some tree seed(pretend a winter), some need acid (passing through a bird) cotoneasters etc. its a fascinating subject
give it a try with and without chilling see which is best

14 Sep, 2009


If you put them in the fridge, tell all the family what they are and not to eat them/sprinkle them on food!!

14 Sep, 2009


thanks guys ..think id do chilled and unchilled just in case

14 Sep, 2009


not as comman as they were , but we allways put seeds in a paper bag,it kept them dry and no sweting as water will encorage them to sprout, we could keep them a couple of years like this, yes there are some seeds that need specill treatment as the tree that will only grow after a forest fire, but ,the seeds we know and use , paper bag,

17 Sep, 2009


I have certainly had success with busy lizzie seeds without freezing them.

I usually keep them in the greenhouse in an envelope

good luck!

19 Oct, 2009

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