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I have recently aquired a Ginkgo about 10ft high growing in a large pot

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Any ideas when to transfer it to the garden soil & how susceptible are they to wind. I live in Cumbria where it rains & blows a lot but soil is good

On plant Ginkgo biloba



Snap - I'm about to plant one of these of a similar size, so I've recently checked this out. They're pretty resilient, tolerate urban pollution, aren't prone to many diseases, and the guidance for planting is just "well drained soil in sun or partial shade". You can plant spring or autumn, but I'd do it now, gives it time to develop roots over the winter ready for next year. Like all trees, will need watering during the first year or so if the weather is dry. There are no warnings about wind regarding this tree, but you may want to stake it if its in a very windy area and you don't want it to lean as it grows. Suggest a short stake driven at an angle into the soil, and the tree attached by means of a proper tree and shrub tie at one point - this enables the tree to move a bit in the wind, which actually increases its wind resistance. Otherwise, you can just plant it and not stake at all - I'd only stake if it was in an exposed, open spot that was facing directly north or south, which means it would be very exposed to prevailing westerlies/easterlies.

14 Sep, 2009


they are susceptible to honey fungus infection. i had wanted to plant one in the front corner but cant coz of hf.

14 Sep, 2009

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