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Hi everyone. Wanted to know whether my unplanted tulip/allium and daffodil bulbs that i bought last year are plantable?


By Anita31

United Kingdom Gb

They have been sitting in the garden shed all year and have a small green shoot. Will anything become of them if I plant them? Please advise.



Anita31, I would say that if they are hard, with no softness at all, then they should be ok. Good luck.

12 Sep, 2009


Wow! Really? Well I'd better get planting. Thought I would have to throw away 15 pounds worth of bulbs. Thanks for advice Mad.

12 Sep, 2009


They might not produce fantastic blooms next year but if you're patient they will probably build up their strength and be back to normal the following year.

12 Sep, 2009


I am so pleased:) I felt so guilty that I hadn't planted them last year. I suppose it's still early to plant them in the garden?

12 Sep, 2009


Plant a.s.a.p. and pray that they will cope! If the poor things have been sitting for months you will have to be patient with them

12 Sep, 2009

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