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Firstly, many thanks for the help with my apple tree.I have really enjoyed getting the replies and I will certainly use the advice given.

I have a smallish patch of grass that is used as a walkway from the house to the main garden. The grass is not grass but mostly clover and moss. It looks very untidy and gets muddy when it rains.

I would like to keep the area grassed but not as it is. What can I do?



Hi Annie You could set stepping (paving) stones into the grass. Measure the wheely bin and mower for the minimum width you need and set a couple of inches apart or wider if you prefer. Lay them on the grass when you are happy cut round them and remove turf. Add some sand and drop into place, the same level as the grass so the mower runs across them when mowing. Round square or oblong it can look very nice and its easy to do. Or you could use decorative bark instead of grass put a double membrain under to control weeds you may need edges to contain it, so not so easy as the stepping stones.

7 Sep, 2009


Have just noticed if you go to 'Garden ideas' on this site there are lots of photos on this subject

7 Sep, 2009


I'm intrigued by the "muddy when it rains" and the fact you've got moss - is the drainage poor in that particular area? Is there something underneath the grass "path" that prevents proper drainage? Technically, a grass path isn't a good idea if its used every day - the grass wears out because you're always walking on the same part and you end up with things like clover taking over instead. If you really want to keep the path grassed, I suggest you take up what's there, turn it over and check what's underneath, ensuring good drainage, relevel and lay new turf. Unless, of course, the area is in shade all the time - no grass will tolerate complete shade and being walked on all the time.

7 Sep, 2009

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