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How can I get rid of bamboos that are invading my garden


By Owie

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

My neighbour has planted these as screening but unfortunately they are invading my garden. Any ideas?



My father grew bamboo,I would suggest removing the bamboo and digging up removal of all roots.Bamboo roots spread,cluster like and are not deep in the soil.Hope this helps.Richard

6 Sep, 2009


eeek I recently dug some from someone garden
what a polava!!

depending what bamboo it is, to stop spreading I was advised to plant in a pot and sink in the ground so maybe you could dig along where they have the bamboo but on your side and add a long strip of weed control so it goes down aswel as accross that wayyou are making a barrier like a wall but going down. You can then have a bit at the top to keep tucket over so as to keep it enclosed

hope this makes sense

x x x

6 Sep, 2009


Bamboo are invasive. Dig them out up to the boundry line. Sink a hard plastic sheet 18" to 2' to act as a barrier against further invation.

6 Sep, 2009


stjohn thats what I was trying to explain but you made more sense


x x x

7 Sep, 2009


No, Mookins, I didn't make more sense, I just said the same thing a bit more clearly.
All credit to you for your suggestion!

Owie, make sure you remove all the roots on your side of the boundry or you might find bamboo shoots re-emerging at a later date.
I hope this helps. If it didn't, at least it gave you something to read ;-)

7 Sep, 2009

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