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I bought several red cordylines and all the leaves have gone a slight brown, yellow colour.?


By Reenie

Australia Au

I live in Melbourne. I have them all in pots and would love to know why the leaves have changed from a lovely red to yellow. All new shoots however are red.


On plant red cordylines



The cordylines do normally lose their older lower leaves as the plant grows taller. However, if all leaves are turning brown it might be a sign of over-watering. Welcome to GOY as well.

30 Aug, 2009


How do I know if there are pests on my Cordylines

30 Aug, 2009


How do I know that there are pests and if I do how do I treat them.

30 Aug, 2009


See if there are any round or oval shaped brown bumpy patches - that's a sign of scale bug. Sometimes - if plants have come from full sun at a nursery and are put into shady spots, they take time to adjust and vice versa. The signs of new growth though sounds encouraging.

30 Aug, 2009


Forgot to mention - look for aphids as well. Little blobs of white between the stems and leaves.

30 Aug, 2009

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