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I want to water my veg plot with the water draining off my garage roof but it is an asbestos roof. Would the rewards of my veg plot be a health risk because of the asbestos roof?

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Want to use a water butt to conserve



Asbestos is more of a problem when it's dry, rather than wet. Water draining off an asbestos roof, is extremely unlikely to contain any fibres at all.

However, is your water butt covered?
When the roof is dry, birds will scrape their feet along the surface, as perhaps would cats and squirrels. It is far more likely that such fibres removed by their actions, would waft down to your vegetable bed, if it is close by, and there is little wind.
On the brighter side, the quantity is likely to be miniscule, and of no significant health risk at all, unless of course, you go up there and proceed to brush off all the moss!!!

30 Aug, 2009


I agree that it should be fine to use the water, though I bet some GoYer's will tell you not to!

30 Aug, 2009


in our previous house we had a water leek, anyway the flooring underneath was asbestos!!

the flooring specialist told us, the tiles were not a problem you could eat them if you wanted BUT the main problem is the dust from it getting into your lungs!!

I cant see a problem with the water coming from this roof, unles like others have said you are up there hoovering the dust and muck up close!!

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30 Aug, 2009


Our whole garden is full of bits of the kind of asbestos used for roofs. We are still alive. The main ingredient in roofing asbestos is cement rather than asbestos itself. The stuff to avoid is the kind used to insulate heating pipes in boilers (not any more it ain't).

30 Aug, 2009


Thank you all so much for your replies, it has put my mind at rest.

30 Aug, 2009

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