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How Shall i Store My Geraniums 2 Over Winter Them??


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

Iv A Brick Shed with a Window will this be ok 2 keep them in?




sorry got it wrong I was talking about dahlias. I too will be interest to know

26 Aug, 2009


I was wondering whats going on then Doc ? lol :)

26 Aug, 2009


Hi Jacque geraniums dont like frost at all.

What a lovely display .

If you dont have room indoors on a nice window ledge you can wrap them up in newspaper and put them up in the attic.This will work and take them back down early March and start to water.

Jacque you could try 1or 2 in your shed.

26 Aug, 2009


I've got a slightly different take on this from Scotkat - Pelargoniums will withstand up to 10 degrees of frost, but what gets them in this country is the damp - they rot. I've left them out on my south facing balcony, all cut back and stuck together into a large container, up against the wall (the balcony is south facing, and there's a heating pipe running along the wall on the inside there) and they all survived. The year they didn't was the one before last, when it was really wet and they got rain on them and went mouldy.
As long as your shed isn't damp, they should be fine - a dusting with green sulphur dust doesn't hurt either, and remove any fallen leaf debris over the winter, as this encourages mould.

26 Aug, 2009


Just to add to this.....pelargoniums are one of the few plants that don't "go to sleep" in the winter. You can keep them in flower too if you have the right conditions. As much light as possible, dry conditions and keep just moist. A frost free greenhouse would be ideal, but a bright windowsill/conservatory would be ok too. I find the dwarf/miniature pelargoniums do very well in my greenhouse over winter.

26 Aug, 2009


??????? So Many Diff ways ? Thanx so much 4 your Comments :) I over wintered some Geraniums last year in My Un-heated Greenhouse & lost more than half of them :( I was thinking Maybe the Shed would be a little warmer ? Its not damp in there & quite bright as its painted white inside :) I think mildew killed them due2 over watering ? :(

26 Aug, 2009


Don't water them once you put them in the shed - check them in late January and pot up in Feb, water then, sparingly, keep them inside, move to a brighter place by end of Feb/March.

26 Aug, 2009


Rrrrrrrrr sounds a good idea Bamboo il give it ago :) Many thanx every 1 4 your input & Time Jacx

26 Aug, 2009


At our old house we had a lean-to conservatory, unheated and I kept all my geraniums there over winter, as Amblealice says, as much light as possible and hardly any'll probably see the leaves go red too but they may keep on flowering. You could take them out of the troughs Jacque and pot them up singly and have them on your room windowsills....:o)

26 Aug, 2009


Thanx Janey just wish i had enough sills 2 put them all on :/

26 Aug, 2009


just remember Jacque, its the combination of wet AND cold which does the harm....:>)

26 Aug, 2009


I just thought the cold killed them Motinot ? But i know better now :) thanx all X

26 Aug, 2009

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