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When do you prune box


By Wessan

United Kingdom Gb

It is in a contaier



I assume you are not talking about boxwood rejuvination just maintaining size /shape?

Box wood does not put on a growth spurt in spring so all you need to do is a light clipping to maintain size/shape you can do it any time in the growing season.
I do mind in late spring and again around july/august. I lay an old sheet around to collect the trimmings.
I see that square ones have come back into fashion - mine are all round ah well I like them!

26 Aug, 2009


Also, make sure you dispose of the trimmings they dry out they become toxic...

26 Aug, 2009


Oh didn't know that you Wessan I have a small box planted in a terracotta tub, I trimmed it a few weeks ago and it's fine...I'm hoping to get it the ball shape like Drc726's.

26 Aug, 2009


I know squares the new round! but I like mine and they are very easy with those new hand held pruning scissors.

27 Aug, 2009

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