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Does anyone have a curry leaf plant[murraya koenigii plant for sale in UK

United Kingdom Gb

Can you tell me how to look after it as well, I have tried to grow it but it hasnt thrived here in UK.

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I don't have one, but they don't seem to be able to survive in temperatures lower than -2 C so would have to be grown as a conservatory plant. I'm afraid I can't help any more as I have no experience of them.

30 Aug, 2009


Take a look at this website. They seem to sell all sorts of tropical and meditarranean plants. They are based in Beccles.

18 Sep, 2009


Thank you very much.

19 Sep, 2009


If anyone is interested in buying a plant or two, my mum has several, they are very young but already the leaves are very fragrant ~ 10cm high.

4 Oct, 2009


Best to keep them in a sunny place in the kitchen, conservatory or greenhouse.

4 Oct, 2009


Thank you Mash, yes I'd be interested in buying one, from your mum. please send me the details. Also I got one in the mean time, but is not doing well. Too much watering I think. But its great that she has several and they are thriving here.

15 Nov, 2009


I can send you photo if you wish, they are still quite small and I guess will not really grow much until the spring/summer,if you leave them indoors in a sunny place, upstairs bedroom or in the kitchen they should survive well and are also rooted well.

29 Nov, 2009


I have added a picture on my homepage for you to get an idea of the size, let me know how many you want and I will speak to my mum.

29 Nov, 2009


Thanks, yes at the moment I am carefully watching mine which is a bit smaller than the size in the photo you posted, keeping it in the conservatory. Many thanks, if mine dont last the winter, will buy them from your mum in the summer, definitely.

30 Nov, 2009


No problem with regards to next year, might need to move them to bigger pots. Would be great if they do grow to a good size, they add such good flavor to curries, there is no competition when it comes to using fresh leaves, just like kaffir lime leaves.

1 Dec, 2009


Hi Mash,
Has your Mum still got her curry plants 'cos I'd love one?

28 May, 2011


hey has anyone got a MURRAYA KOENIGII/ curry leaf plant available for sale??

14 Aug, 2011


Hi Mash
Are there any Murraya koenigii plants available. I would really like one as I use lots of it for our cooking.

4 Mar, 2012


Hi Mash
Any further news on the availability of Murraya koenigii plants? I have been given some seeds. Would you know how I should grow them? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

27 Aug, 2012



Does anyone have curry leaf plant available for sale in London?

31 Oct, 2012


I Have Murraya Koenigii seeds for sale in the uk.

10 Jul, 2013


Ray 07850277727 £30 for 50 seeds they will only be available for a short time as they need to be fresh to germinate. Milton Keynes

10 Jul, 2013

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