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i have made 6 planters 3ft x1ft x1ft to go in front of a fence, could you please advise me what climbers are the easiest to grow that will quickly cover my fence with plenty of long lasting flowers year after year. thankyou.



Quote; year after year

In planters you are unlikely to achieve this, but that is not to say that most climbers will last a few years providing you don't let the planters dry out and you replenish the fertiliser regularly!

You might get some ideas here;

and here;

21 Oct, 2012


If you want the plants to last a long time would there be any chance of adding some more depth to the containers? Then you might grow some nice clematis and with six planters you could have varieties for winter, spring, summer and autumn!
Some varieties of Euonymus fortunii will climb if planted against a wall or fence, and that would give you some evergreen colour all the year round.

21 Oct, 2012


I think these are too small? What you have in fact is 1ft deep troughs with 1ft back to front and from experience I find my 3ft wide troughs are best used for very small shrubs such as Heathers, Pieris or biennials such as Sweet williams or annuals.
The roots might well freeze in winter and also they will need a lot of water and feeding come spring/summer, while allowing for very little root space most climbers need, unless you go for annual climbers?

21 Oct, 2012


Whatever you choose do you have something on the fence for the plants to cling to? I staple bean and pea netting sideways (it's about 6 feet wide so fits nicely). From a few feet away it is 'invisible'.

22 Oct, 2012

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