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Plant recommendation please!


By Jan65

North East England, United Kingdom Gb

Could anyone point me in the right direction for an evergreen plant or small shrub (say 2ft x 2ft max, or something that's happy to be pruned to this size), preferably with bright or light leaves (as opposed to dark green), something that flowers, and that will tolerate dry shade? I would prefer, if possible, something with white flowers, or at least something bright rather than pastel.

Blimey, I'm not asking much am I ?!

Something that's caught my eye is Brunerra macrophylla "Jack Frost" although this has blue flowers - but I do like it so am quite happy to keep an open mind regarding flower colour.



Sarcococca perhaps?

15 Aug, 2009


yeh ??

15 Aug, 2009


The Brunnera you mention is one of my favourite plants - fabulous leaves, even when not in flower - doesn't like too much dry, though so you may need to water it in dry spells. Geranium macrorrhizum cope pretty well in shade, but they're not evergreen, of course. The best thing of all though, in dryish shade, would be Mahonia aquifolium, but it will get 3 x 3 eventually, though its' not a fast grower.

15 Aug, 2009


Beautiful scented flowers in winter from the Sarcococca too.

15 Aug, 2009


Thank you all for your responses and recommendations, much appreciated and I'll check them all out! Thanks again.

15 Aug, 2009

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