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Brown spots on tomato leaves

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Just this morning I have noticed brown spots on the leaves of my tomato plants. Is there anything I can do? Will I lost the crop? Should I eventually compost them or get rid of them some other way? Would be grateful for advice.



Hi Patricia, sorry but you have blight on your tomatoes. If the actual tomatoes are not affected you can remove them and place them in a paper bag along with a banana which will help to ripen them or you can make green tomato chutney with them. The plants and the soil they are in, assuming they are in pots, should be put in your rubbish bin not in the compost where the blight can spread. Make sure to wash the pots thoroughly in disinfectant to kill the spores. If the tomatoes are being grown in the open ground do not grow tomatoes in that area next year or potatoes.

14 Aug, 2009

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