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What is it?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Lots of this growing on our property?




I dont think it is Thistle as it has no prickles & grows like a bush

12 Aug, 2009


Is it burdoch?

12 Aug, 2009


it is a bulbaholic says a common burdoch. [Arctium minus] the root is quite deep and if you dont get it all out it will keep coming back.

12 Aug, 2009


Sbg, I thought both Arctium species in the uk were biennial?

12 Aug, 2009


the one i had was never allowed to set seed, so the plant didnt get the hormonal stimulus to die off. well that is my guess. Having said that there the tap root is huge and still hard to pull out.

12 Aug, 2009


Any recipes for Dandelion and Burdock anyone? :-)

12 Aug, 2009


mmm lovely stuff

x x x

12 Aug, 2009


Thanks for the info we will try to get rid of it.

13 Aug, 2009

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