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Apple tree disease - please help!


By Bobo

London, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify the problem with my apple tree from these photos of the leaves? It's a young tree about five foot high which I planted this Spring (so guess it must be a couple or three years old).




Sorry, not sure what this is. Is the tree in a pot or the ground?

12 Aug, 2009


The tree is in the ground in a sunny site (clay but mixed in with lots of soil, manure and other soil improver when planted).

12 Aug, 2009


It could just be a very bad example of Scab in which case spraying with a fungicide might help. But, it also could be Apple mosaic virus which has no cure and you should seek advice from the person who sold it to you.

12 Aug, 2009


Это нехватка питания. Проявляется на глине в холодную весну и начало лета. Обработайте калемагнезией 20 гр. на 10 л.

31 Jul, 2017


Translation of above
This is a shortage of food. It appears on clay in the cold spring and early summer. Treat with kalemagnesia.

Never heard of kalemagnesia and never seen lack of food producing that effect on Apple trees before either.

31 Jul, 2017


If you had the following conditions.
1. The tree on the clone rootstock (M9, MM106, 54-118, etc.).
2. Clayey, sour crocs.
3. Cold spring and early summer.
4. Strong wind and waterlogging.
5. The soil is depleted by grass mowing or the cultivation of other crops without the application of fertilizers.
Then it is nutrition dysfunction. Even better, do soil analysis.

1 Aug, 2017


This is a very old thread. I am not sure that the person who asked is still an active member.

1 Aug, 2017

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