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By Howee74

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One of my waterlilies has a smaller plant growing at the end of one of its stems - should i detach and repot this?



I would wait until the autumn/spring when the plant is dormant. Then you can lift the plant and remove the plantlet with a sharp knife. if you lift it now you run the risk of damaging the leaves etc.

7 Aug, 2009


ok thanks, how do i actually re pot it??
Bury the stem?

7 Aug, 2009


It should have some of its rhizome attached. what i do is I use fishing line to tie it into the planting basket and then fill with shingle to make it sink. I have never used a planting medium as the waterlily roots remove the nutrients from the water.. the fish just stir the soil out in my experience. if you do want to use compost use an aquatic compost as it is low in nutrients and wont cloud the pond.

7 Aug, 2009


lillies are so vigerous excuse my spelling you could virtualy rap a piece of lead round it just to make it sink or tie it to a stone loosley.mite be tidier to put a basket round it.i agree with seaburn big carp can root all the shingle out to so you could use quite big stones if you have biggish carp

7 Aug, 2009


thanks, we dont have any fish - hoping for frogs one day..!

7 Aug, 2009


seaburns ya one then

7 Aug, 2009

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